Monday, March 19, 2012

The Road Back To Skating

I recently made the announcement that I'll be moving back to San Diego, to train with the league I founded in 2005 again. If you're at all curious about that, here's my story:

Last year a weird thing was happening. I was travelling all over the world coaching roller derby, and having very inappropriate responses to compliments everywhere I went.

I believe I was in Canada the first time it happened.

A skater said, "So this is your full time job?"
Me, "Yep!"
Skater: "Wow... you're living the dream!"
Me, inexplicably irritated

Wait, what?? Shouldn't I be happy? It's so rare that people are openly happy for another person's success, so these moments are to be cherished! But... it was nagging at me for some reason.

Then it started happening more frequently... and before you knew it I was hearing it every day! "You're living the dream," "I'm so happy you are following your dreams," "You're so lucky to be doing what you love!"

Well, first, there's a difference between lucky and what I am: which is extremely dedicated to my craft. I study this sport, and coaching, leadership, and business with a voracity that would make you think my Master's Thesis was due tomorrow...

Second... I LOVE COACHING! I mean, I Since I was a kid I always wanted to be a teacher. (Which became very confusing when I realized just how much I hated... school...)

Coaching gives me an outlet for that need to teach, in the subject I am truly passionate about. But... in terms of roller derby... Coaching is not my dream, per-se...

My dream, from my very first practice in 2003 was to be a professional roller derby player.

So I'm gonna go get that dream. I thought it would be enough for me to facilitate that dream for other people, but as it turns out... I'm more selfish than I thought!

My dream is to play professional roller derby. It's not that far away, you know... But in order to do that, I'm going to have to reach a level of fitness I've never reached before. So that's the journey that I'll be on, between now and September (when I'm done touring for the year) and ready to train full time with the league of my dreams, The San Diego Derby Dolls.

If you've got any great come-back stories, quotes or videos, please share them in the Comments section! I love that stuff, and will probably never get enough of it!