Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 Ways To Prevent Injuries

You know how people say "It's not if you get injured but when in roller derby."

What a fucking awful mantra to carry around! Please, if you've been known to say this, just stop. And start working on things that plant positive suggestions in your mind. Like:

1) Be More Agile
Agility is not as elusive as people make it out to be. It's just a matter of testing the boundaries of what feels safe and reasonable to do on skates, and then going just a little bit farther than that. Practiced in manageable amounts of scary, this can be an incremental and gradual process. 

Try this: Test the limits of what feels safe and normal for just a few minutes, every time your skates are on, and then get right back to what you'd normally be practicing. That way increasing your agility becomes a more integrated part of practice. Water breaks are a great time. Or while waiting for your turn at a drill. Practicing lots of transitions, stumbling and one footed feats especially.  There's also a DVD out now: http://shop.bonniedstroir.com/

2) Get Strong and Flexible
Roller derby drills, practice, and games will build up certain muscles like your quads and lower back. But it does very little to work out other muscles that are needed to support your derby muscles. Like the muscle groups around your knees, hamstrings, inner thighs, glutes, and core. 

You need that stuff to be balanced and hold up all the derby muscles. Otherwise, it's like asking stilts to hold up a mansion. Put under pressure, they'd prefer not.

You know how you skip stretching and go right home after practice sometimes? (Or is it all the time?) That's doing your body a serious injustice. 5 minutes of stretching is better than no minutes. Just do it.

3) Enjoy Yourself and Pay Attention
There is danger in crashing into other people on wheels. If you can respect that, without letting that become a ruling fear, you'll be able to prevent all kinds of injuries.

ENJOY your time on skates, but don't have so much fun that you forget you're doing something that requires your complete and full attention.  

3 Resources:
1) Agility for Roller Derby DVD: by Bonnie D.http://shop.bonniedstroir.com/
2) Roller Derby Workout http://wickedskatewear.com/rollerderbyworkout.aspx

There's a difference between getting hurt and being injured. Bumps, bruises, scrapes... who cares. That stuff all makes you stronger. 

There are fluke accidents, for sure. But the staggering number of injuries happening now in roller derby are not because of how inevitable injuries are. It's because many of us didn't know there was a way to prevent a lot of that stuff.

But now... YOU KNOW! xoxo

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