Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Breathe?

In training for the big comeback to derby, I've been researching/trying out a lot of new (to me)  fitness/training techniques pretty extensively. I always want to do things the best way possible.

There's one thing that keeps coming up, though, that's been super frustrating for a long time: that whole "breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth" thing was really starting to piss me off!

You see, friend, I've been blessed with a combination of some lovely Hungarian genetics (thank you, Grandpa) and a couple lucky punches (you know who you are, haha!) to the nose.

Basically, my nose leans very much to one side. Making breathing in through it very much not possible in cardiovascular, gasping-for-air situations.

I'm inexplicably aware of the term "deviated septum." But, unlike many of my Californian friends, I have a fear of doctors that outweighs my vanity by, like, a million percent! So a nose job is out of the question.

I was trying to regulate my breathing on the treadmill yesterday, and went for the in-nose, out-mouth thing, and finally realized: THAT IS NEVER GOING TO WORK FOR ME!!!

So... I just told my body, "it's ok, just breathe how you need to," and you know what? My whole body relaxed. Even as I increased the speed on the treadmill. Hm... I was tempted to do a bunch of research on the subject, but have decided to just call it a lesson on listening to my body and be done with it.

If there's any other left-side-leaning-nosed-mouth-breathers out there... I won't say I know what's best for your body, but I will say that this was SUCH a huge relief and revelation for me, that I just had to share it!

Which is just as weird to say as it is refreshing, since breathing is... last time I checked... supposed to be the most natural thing is the world, right?! xoxo


  1. The in through the nose thing is also horrible if you have asthma like I do. I sound horrible when I'm doing my "zen-breathing" (in with my teeth kind of closed and out with my mouth open like an O) that keeps me in the zone, but it really works. Haha, with my mouthguard in and speeding up behind people thay say I sound like a very angry Darth Vader and it freaks them out ^__^

  2. The most important thing is just to keep breathing. How you do it is immaterial. Just breathe how your body wants to breathe :)

  3. "a very angry Darth Vadar" oh that makes my day hahaha! I have the whole asthma/can't breathe in through the nose thing too, and people are constantly asking me if I'm alright. It's frustrating, and I feel like I limit bringing up my heart rate sometimes to avoid breathing loudly! (Yeah, silly I know..) So - THANKYOU for letting me know I'm not alone in this! Next training I do, I'm just gonna let it all out (or in as the case may be!)

    1. Haha, just set your inner Vader free and you'll manage to kick it up another gear or two!
      And if you're jamming you might break the concentration os the other girl by being loud so that's just a bonus! ;P

  4. I am interested in what you are reading. Jillian Michaels books or just articles on the internet? What inspires you and pushes you for a shin-ier happier face? :)