Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Story From The Road

Right now I'm coaching in Australia, on a 2 month tour.

On the way to Australia, my flight had an emergency landing. Someone on-board had a medical issue and all 400 passengers had to spend a day in a hotel in Honolulu, HI so the flight crew could rest up after all the hub bub.

Would you believe there was complaining from the other passengers???

Most of them, actually, were complaining. I guess they just enjoy complaining, because I've been all over the world and STILL think Hawaii is the best real-life paradise the entire world has to offer!

I put my headphones in (positive speakers or happy music, typically) and grabbed my breakfast voucher. All 400 of us got them, but for some reason, only 5 of us saw the Starbucks off the beaten path to luggage claim...

The young man in front of me in line was doing the same thing I was. We were adding up totals and seeing just how many things we get from this Starbucks with the $15 voucher. We started comparing strategies, and continued talking as we made our way to the shuttle area.

He was Australian. A tall, blond and handsome, athletic dude, in his mid 20's. He had that star quality that people sometimes do. I asked him what he was doing in America.

He told me he was a semi-professional Australian Football player, trying out for the NFL and my whole body got goosebumps. I tried to keep my cool, (I tend to bounce around when I get excited) and after listening quietly to his story said, " Dude, I'm pretty intuitive, and have a feeling you're totally gonna make it!"

He beamed, didn't even blink at the "intuitive" part, and told me more about the try outs process.

As we were chatting and waiting for the shuttle, I noticed a guy in a business suit looking around. He had that lost look going on, so I smiled at him and nodded to the coffee in his hand, "Got your breakfast?"

He smiled back and chatted with me and The Athlete a bit. Then he led the two of us away from the shuttle line, explaining that he was getting a taxi and we could share it with him. His work would cover it, and then we could beat the crowd checking in to our hotel.

The "taxi" was actually a limo.

So I'm in a limo, with a future NFL player, and an Executive, in Hawaii and I think for just a second... WOAH, THIS IS KINDA CRAZY!   

But is it, really? Is it crazy that good things happen when you're always open to them? Is it SO CRAZY that when I choose to be positive, actively deny negative thinking, and be friendly with people, the results are also positive?

Turns out me and The Athlete (who I am quite sure is gonna be a big star in NFL in the next few years) both have birthdays in December, and both listen to positive speakers when the headphones are in.

This is one I hadn't heard of, The Athlete told me about him. I thought, What an awesome gift this has been! So I share it with you: