Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Frequencies and Wavelengths in Roller Derby

Last night when I was coaching, I talked about some things that you might be interested in.

If you've been following along, then you know I'm super into metaphysics and things of an other-worldly nature. Though I'm finding more practical, every day applications of these interests all the time.

In fact, there's pretty much no aspect of my life, strategy I coach, or talk I give that doesn't involve the word "energy." And I'm very delighted to say that people get it. Coming out of the metaphysical closet was the one of the best things I've done in roller derby, I believe.

So this subject of frequencies and wavelengths is another one I'd like to share.

Before giving the Puppy Talk, I give an over-the-top compliment like, "That was totally amazing and I am very proud of you." And the crazy thing is, most of the time, no one even hears it.

It's not because I say it quieter than most things, it's not because I'm not looking people in the eye when I say it... It's just that people who aren't on the wavelength of self-appreciation just don't recognize over-the-top-appreciation from others. Does not compute.

And this explains so many of my derby experiences, really. I remember getting sat down at a bar once by volunteers who said, "You don't appreciate your volunteers."

And I was like, "Hang on a sec, I THANK YOU ALL THE TIME! I even place my hand on your shoulder when I do it." I can be very touchy-feely, and you think you'd notice someone touching you and saying thank you....

Unless you're just not even on that frequency. Then it's like someone blowing a dog whistle in your ear. You notice that something's happening, but not really taking in what it is.

I've found positive use of frequencies in extreme focus. I played a game once where my team swore up and down that the team we were playing were screaming profane words at us the whole bout.

I believe them, but I didn't hear any of it. Not one mean word. Because I was so in the moment, I heard nothing but my own heartbeat and breathing. If that. It was one of my better games, and I was in such a focused frame of mind, that nothing outside of that wavelength even existed to me.

Interesting stuff, right?

I give the Puppy Talk, and the other Seminars I do, to give people the option to choose a different frequency. Just to make it available. Because it seems like a shame not to even hear when people say nice things. That's the type of thing that's worth tuning in for.

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  1. I am so glad you decided to "come out of the metaphysical closet!" It's inspirational to me in this moment as I've been trying, taking small steps through the experiences in derby and beyond.

    After reading about fields, the zone, and frequencies it was all very illuminating - especially when reflected off a lens pointed at derby. Inevitably as I was learning the lessons that presented themselves, simultaneously opportunities to put them into practice and new lessons emerged. Learning is fun, afterall! On that note, I am now even more looking very forward to sitting in with Brighton to hear what you have to say!

    Keep spreading the love,