Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yes, There Is Crying In Roller Derby

One thing about being me is that I cry a lot. Not sad crying, that's actually kind of rare. But passion tears, inspired tears, happy tears, and breakthrough tears.

And maybe it's because I'm so connected to my inner cry-baby that, often, people end up crying around me that usually don't. I can tell they usually don't because they either:

a) tell me, "I never cry!"
b) say to themselves, "There's no crying in roller derby!"

Who are you kidding with that worn out old phrase? Of course there's crying in roller derby! Thank your lucky stars there's crying in roller derby!!!

Roller derby is not, I repeat, is NOT an 80's sports movie with fictional characters. It's a REAL sport with REAL people. Real people are better than movies, you know why? CUZ THEY'RE REAL!!!!!

I won't belabor the point, but I'm just sayin... if you gotta cry, cry. And get it together afterwards. But don't tell yourself not to feel things when you're a passionate beast who's living their passion.

Crying is what real people do, openly, when they feel real emotions. What could possibly be stronger, and more beautiful than that?


  1. laughing so hard i am crying at that video :)

  2. Me too! Oh wow! Also, I cry for all kinds of reasons that don't make sense, so I'm glad to hear you got my back. :-)

  3. I cried sympathy tears. Love that clip!

  4. oh god i cry all the time about how amazing it all is :)