Monday, December 24, 2012

Review of Agility For Roller Derby DVD

I don't usually post reviews on my blog, I'm more of an article-writing kind of gal. But this review comes from Australia. I asked the first round of people to purchase Agility For Roller Derby via digital download to send me their honest reviews.

The thing about asking for feedback is... I always do it, and I always cringe a little bit, ready for anything! But the truth is, all the reviews that have come back have been pretty epic.

From Shell Bent, Sydney Australia:

"The roller derby community worldwide is first and foremost ever richer and more blessed to have Bonnie D. Stroir, as this groundbreaking instructional DVD (alongside all her other instructional gems) consistently demonstrates. Bonnie's talent for clear, effective, succinct, accessible instruction is the best I've observed in any industry, let alone roller derby. As a professional information designer myself, with a masters degree in making complex information accessible and educational, I am broadly exposed to the rife lower standards out there, in any field, when it comes to 

a) instruction and 
b) ACTION on that instruction/information... 

Action that can be successfully internalized and literally accessed/repeated by the empowered learner.The reach and effectiveness of it is priceless - it just keeps on giving, every time I watch it. 

Derby is intimidating to someone at my early stage of progression, and I have such fear, awe and respect for those simply awesome A-league stars who make it all seem so easy when they're out there on the track - but Bonnie goes one step beyond that, and skillfully breaks down the foundations of those 'rad skills', to a point where one's goals become more realistic, practical, navigable and less scary. I feel so positive and inspired each time I watch it, and just so energized to be on this roller derby journey even more as a result (more patient with where I'm at, and more confident I can incrementally get to the level I want). Thanks to Bonnie, it's become that extra bit doable. Thank you so much Bonnie - you ROCK!"

This is how I always hoped it felt to be coached by me, but you never really know until it's put so plainly in print like that! It was kind of crazy to see all of my intentions for the DVD spelled out in one review. I hope you get a copy of your own and also love it. xoxo

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