Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Boos and 2 Yays

Though I've been a "retired" skater since December 2010, roller derby is still my entire life!

Right now I'm training for the Exhibition Bout at March Radness and plan to join the scrimmages at the NorthEast Derby Convention, which is not exactly a "big comeback," but it's something for the die hard skater in me to train for and look forward to.

I love Coaching, but I'm still a Skater in my heart.

That said, I've been brewing on 2 areas that I'd like to differently this time around. And would also love to share with you 2 areas I'm proud of myself for, in roller derby.

2 Boos

1) Off Skates Training
We did a fair amount of it in league practices, but that just wasn't enough. I could have made the time to do more, but I didn't.

I would wake up early mornings, tell myself "Get up and work out," and then roll over and go back to sleep. Is that true athlete behavior?

This time around: Rather than doing off-skates workouts that support "skating muscles," I'm working out all the things that don't get worked out from skating. All the muscle groups that support the skating muscles.

Hamstrings, small muscle groups around the knee, core, back and calves. 

I don't love working out, so I have to tell myself: this is what athletes do. And you're one of those. So do it. There are only benefits, no negative side effects. Healthier, stress release, better endurance, injury prevention...

I do it now, and I feel good about myself every time I do.

2) Being A Perfectionist
Hi, my name is Bonnie D.Stroir, and I'm a recovering perfectionist. It's been one year since I was a complete abusive asshole to myself. I take it one day at a time.

This contributed greatly to giving up on Off Skates Work Outs. I couldn't get myself to go a whole hour without wimping out. So, because I couldn't do it perfect, I gave up.

This time around: I tell myself, Better Than Yesterday = Success.
I don't regret having high standards, I always will. I want to be my best. I want to reach my potential.

But what I didn't realize was that it is NOT POSSIBLE to reach one's TRUE potential and always feel like an utter failure at the same time. Those two concepts don't live in the same space.

I spent at least 7 years making myself feel like a failure, for not being perfect. SO SAD! Now I realize that my self, like most people, performs better under the conditions of praise and encouragement. With high standards as goals to get closer to every day.

2 Yays

1) Treating People Well
Nobody's perfect, but overall I'd say that I've been really good about giving praise where it's due, admitting when I'm wrong, and making sure people know how much I love and appreciate the time we spend together in roller derby.

If there's one thing about me that I love very much, it's that. And I learned it from watching LADD's Founder, Demolicious. She makes every person she talks to genuinely feel like the most important person in the world. It's not flattery, she really cares about people. And that's a quality I've always admired, emulated, and am happy to share with you.

I can't tell you how many times this has come back around for me in awesome ways. It's just good business and good human behavior to treat people well. (Including yourself!)

2) Giving More Than Is Expected
I went way above and beyond in my league practice ethics, and responsibilities as a Founder. And I still do, as a Coach. I study the craft, constantly research new ways to do things, and hold nothing back.

I'm also true to myself and honest with people about when I need space, time off, etc. But when I'm present, I'm fully present, giving 110% to whatever my job is at the time. Because I have a passion for this sport that is... kind of ridiculous!

Roller derby has given sooooo much to me!

It's been my college, business school, athletic outlet, method of self expression and family since 2003. When I think about how little I was and had to give when I came to roller derby, and the woman roller derby has shaped and molded me to be... I completely radiate with pride and appreciation.

Where else on earth could I have gotten all of that???? How could I not give back???

Those are my Top 2's. I totally encourage and invite you to reflect on yours. It's such a whirlwind, this roller derby experience. Taking stock every now and then can be a great reminder to enjoy the journey and get/give all you can from it.. xoxo