Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Become "Derby Famous"

Roller derby is a sport that pays us in ego boosts, isn't it?

Having done quite a bit of independent study on psychology and basic human needs... it's not hard to see that Significance is the one we get from roller derby. 

There just aren't too many other pursuits a woman can pick up randomly and automatically gain a greater respect from strangers. Just for doing it, you don't even have to be good at it! And have you noticed how people light up at the mere mention of the the words "roller derby," without even knowing anything about it? It's special, and we all need to feel special about something. 

I was never the cool kid in any of my younger years. Since my family moved to a new town every year, I was usually the New Kid, and pre-braces was the buck toothed kid as well. But I always had my eye on the cool kids. I wanted to be liked, but didn't have the confidence to know how. 

So, imagine my surprise when I got to be kind of "popular" in roller derby! I was like... Sally Fields giving an acceptance speech... And I still kind of am! I love love, so getting it makes me happy. I'm not gonna pretend I don't love it, what could be better than being well received? 

People get "Derby Famous" for various reasons, (not all of them positive) and I can't speak for anyone else. But I can say that for me, there's one word that says it all, and that word is: CONTRIBUTION.

I've given a lot to the community, and will give even more in the future. And if you did that, people would want to read your blog, watch your videos, and hear what you have to say on various topics, too! 

Basically: what you give is what you get. So if you want more, give more. It's a simple formula, I don't know why more people don't use it. But it's never too late to start making your mark on the derby world, or even just your own league, or any place in the world, really. Just give people something that they need.

Here's some things we all need: skate skills, fitness knowledge, inspiration, laughter, love, nutrition information, quality products, fun gifts and cool clothes, sincere praise and good stories. 

If you look at some of the more successful blogs/people/businesses in roller derby... You'll see that they're not just taking, they're giving something really valuable, too. That's what makes them popular, and that's a big part of what defines your level of awesome, I believe. 

My personal and LiveLoveDerby business decisions about who to partner with are largely decided on by the other party's level of sincere contribution. How about you? What's your contribution? xoxo


  1. From seeing you in action one thing is very obvious - all you do you do it out of love. BUT not only that, and this is your special magic - you do it in a very positive light and fashion. And that is your beauty and your fairy dust of popularity. Your energy is so radiantly positive but not like that fake positive stuff (go on, you know what I'm talking about) the fake happy hiding some weird kind of anger.

    Your just happy like a hot warm sun... Contribution? Yeah of course. But many people contribute and aren't popular (i.e. I gave that and that so now you owe me). You give out of love without any expectations...

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