Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swearing In Front Of Juniors?

This is a blog post I hope I can get a lot of feedback on, especially from parents of Junior Skaters!

So... one thing I struggle with frequently is my words when coaching Juniors. They know I swear, I know they swear, but there's a social norm that says we're not supposed to do it around each other, or I'm a terrible role model.

But... THEY KNOW I SWEAR ALL THE TIME, just not around them.

This isn't like... a new thing for me. It's who I am! I got kicked out of the Girl Scouts and a church group for young women for swearing. And there were kids in the neighborhood who couldn't play with me because their parents heard me swearing.

Some people think swearing is for the ignorant: not me. I entered college as an English Major with 12 scholarships for writing essays in 1999. (Tied for most scholarships in my graduating class.) I'm educated, I'm articulate, and "fuck" has always been my favorite word.

So, my question is: which is MORE irresponsible:

A) Being less than genuine around the future generation: essentially treating them like they don't need to see the full-on real me.

B) Potentially setting a standard that says: say whatever the fuck you want, even if some people don't like it, potentially disrespecting parents of Juniors.

I'm not giving advice here, I'm asking for help! I need insight. Because the truth is that I consider coaching impressionable young women a great responsibility, that I do want to honor to the fullest. But I also want to be who I am: which is an example of a generally happy person, ambitious, sporty and... expressive! Some of them need that example. But is it disrespectful to their parents?

It's a subject I'll have to reflect on quite a bit in the coming months. Send me your thoughts at   xoxo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MP3 Seminars Of Isabelle Ringer

One of my best friends in the world is Isabelle Ringer. Because Ringer and I are such good friends, people think we're alike, but honestly: we think totally differently.

Ringer's very logical and pragmatic (whereas my approach often has metaphysical leanings) and as much as I love my own perspective: I surround myself w/inspiring people who have much to offer and are fun to learn from on purpose.

What we both have in common is that we are studious as shit. And we swear a lot. So if you like my MP3s, you'll love hers! Educated, and totally real. Honest stories and cited sources. Here's previews of the 3 new MP3s:

1) Becoming A Great Leader. Ringer's an amazing leader, from Pivoting, to Team Captain, to GM of SDDD: she knocks it out the park with hard work, study, and true dedication.

2) Deliberate Practice.  She was voted SDDD's 2012 Coach Of The Year for a reason! Ringer (and I) are huge proponents of Deliberate Practice: a phrase every Athlete and Coach would be wise to learn and love!

3) It's About More Than Skating. This features both of us, and the kind of stuff we talk about privately: what derby means... and could mean, when we decide to make about more than skating.

If you're hungry to always grow and learn more about this sport and evolve your own role in it, my guess is that you'll enjoy these very much! xoxo